Thursday, August 27, 2015

This and That :)

We've had a great week so far! 

Our precious babies are keeping us smiling and laughing! We are practicing daily with the girls to say "I'm 2!" Cannot believe 2 weeks from now I'll have 2 two year olds!!! (Cue the tears!)

The Mr. and I have been meal prepping since school started back and it's great! He is so good about doing it every Sunday...he does our salads and I do breakfast! 

Beautiful veggies for our salads! 

These cuties just LOVE their Daddy!

The girls had some homework this past make a family tree! I didn't have all of my tools at home to make it more creative but here is how it turned out! 

They loved looking at the pictures! And their teachers hung it out front for everyone to see! :) 

These two make my heart flutter! Emma Kate didn't want to go to bed the other night and asked to bed rocked 3 times after she had been rocked twice...well later I checked on them and this is how I found them sleeping. In Olivia's bed with Olivia giving her love! 

I've never done Scholastic book orders in my classroom because where I taught previously most families couldn't afford buying books for their kiddos. I placed my first order at my new school with my new kiddos and it was so cool! I only had two families make orders but with their two orders I was able to get 3 free books! I got two for my classroom and choose one for TJH! He loved his new book! 

The Mr. is doing the Lego Club at school so he will be gone some afternoons/evenings. No worries...we can make it work great! Monday night I got everyone a puzzle to work on while I prepped dinner! 

We got a package this week from a very special family! Precious new outfits for our girls and gift cards for our new home. I am so blessed to have had a friendship with this family for many many years and I've loved watching them become parents and being apart of their children's lives! And I'm so happy that I can share my babies with them too! :) 

If you know me you know I have seasonal candy fall one is candy corn. But I eat them weird...I don't like the white part. I sent this to my friend L and J and they both laughed because they know about my weird way of eating candy corn. I haven't eaten too many because I'm having some stomach issues. 

When we got home yesterday EK wanted to go in the back yard for some reason...we let her and then her and Owie were playing through the cute!

The last lot is being cleared in our neighborhood. And it's across the street...when we go home yesterday TJH sat and watched for awhile! 

It's been a great week and we have a fun weekend planned! 

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