Monday, August 31, 2015

Selfie Trend this weekend:

We had a wonderful weekend!! 

Friday night the Mr. and TJH headed to an event at the Mr's school. Movie Under the Stars! TJH felt so special to have some one-on-one time with Daddy and it was at Daddy's SCHOOL! 

All ready to go with the essentials for a movie outside! :) 

We ended up with a lot of selfies this weekend and this was the first two handsome boys! 

TJH got to go into Daddy's classroom and go up on his reading loft! SOO cool! 

They got back late but Tuck had a BLAST! When he got home he told me he was nervous at first but then when the movie started he had so much fun! 

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the aquarium! 

TJH and Mommy selfie once we arrived at the aquarium! 

Selfies with my girls at the aquarium! 

Love those two cuties!

When we got home from the aquarium we did some things around the house...the girls played with their tea set in their room while I organized their fall/winter clothes. 

My father-in-law got me a Yeti cup! I LOVE it and so do my little ones! :)

Pa got all the kiddos sea animals from the aquarium and the girls haven't let them out of their site since he gave them to them! 

Meet Trixie the whale shark! 

And this is Betsy the Bulga whale!

Sunday morning was great! T Man and I headed out to have breakfast with our favs Aunt J and little T at our normal place...Waffle House! And then afterwards we went grocery shopping! 

Daddy and T did some Lego building on the rainy afternoon. 

TJH did great! And Daddy really enjoyed it too! 

The neighbor kids love the Minion movies...TJH didn't know about minions until we started to play with them...well now he's a fan! :) 

And to end our really awesome weekend....Grandpa and Grandma R came for the afternoon! They brought a yummy lunch and we hung out and played all afternoon! 

Grandma R is always quick to get on the floor and play with the kiddos! They played hide-and-seek for a long time! :) 

These puppies love watching all the fun too! 

Grandma R with her girls! 

Grandpa was super impressed with TJH's scooter skills! 

And we ended our evening singing Happy Birthday to Lucy Elizabeth! She turned  9 on Sunday! 

Goodness, that was a full but amazing weekend with my family! I love weekends! But I love my family way more! 

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