Saturday, August 8, 2015

Odd and Ends of our week! :)

We survived the first week of school! Whew! It always wears me out! I was in bed at 8:30pm on Friday night. ha! 

These girls are precious and LOVE each other SOO much! Just the other day the Mr. and I just stopped and listened to them...they truly have their own language! We could pick up on some of the words but mostly it was their language. They know exactly what each other is saying. 

Also, dry cereal is a big hit for dessert these days! ha! :) Works for me! 

I've been on a guac kick I could eat it everyday and usually make it about every other day! Well, these girls are just as obsessed at me! They LOVE it!

So some of you know that my wedding rings had to be cut off when I was 8 months pregnant with the girls. It was awful. My fingers swelled over night and it got pretty scary...there was talk if we didn't get them off my finger would have to come off. So the Mr. cut my rings off with fishing pliers and I was so sad because I had worn them for 5 years and never took them off. We finally were able to get them was so expensive. But I'm so glad we finally were able to do it. I've missed these beauties! 

This boy LOVES his G! She found him some new dump trucks and construction equipment! 

This is Hope our neighborhood dog...she is the SWEETEST!!!!! Her family used to own all of the land that our neighborhood is on so she is used to roaming. We just love her! We haven't met her owners yet, but when we do we have so many sweet stories to share with them! 

This girl has had a rough few days...SO fussy. We think it's teeth. She wants to be held non stop. We try to hold her as much as we can.

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