Sunday, August 30, 2015

Georgia Aquarium 2015

We went to the Georgia Aquarium this weekend and had a blast! Like last year, we attended the Educator Day! But this year we had more guests with us! :)

The Mr. and I both got in free and then had a ticket each to get someone else in. Pa, G, Aunt B and A all joined us this year! So much more fun with more family! :)

We got up early and headed to ATL and got there right in time to walk around a little before getting our bands and going in!

G and Pa with the older g-kids! 

We LOVED having Aunt B with us! We don't get to see her that much so it was great to spend the day with her! 

Goodness, these kiddos were SO much fun this year! Last year was fun but this year was even more fun because they were all 3 older. 

We were allowed in an hour early so there was NO one really there! We walked as slow as we wanted and spent a ton of time with the whale sharks! The kids loved seeing the scuba divers! 

A and T were so happy to be together! 

I have a similar picture from last year like this. I see this being a yearly tradition picture! 

Pa made a stop by the gift shop and picked up some goodies for the kiddos! Meet Buck-A-Roo the penguin! 

The penguin exhibit was awesome and they are so full of energy just like our babies! 

We also go to watch the dolphin show...Dophin Tales. It was SOOO good! The kids really enjoyed it! 

Such a fun morning! 
We ate some heavy snacks before hitting the road! 
 We were in the car maybe 15 minutes before all 3 were asleep! 

We love family time together! And we really enjoy it at a fun place like the Georgia Aquarium! Like I said last year, it's wonderful when companies recognize educators! 

We will be back again next year! 

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