Sunday, July 6, 2014


Whenever we go back home we try to see and do as much as possible with family and friends!

We came down to PTC for a long 4th of July weekend!

The girls were excited to play with GMama!

Tuck was excited to have Pa's popcorn!

Owie had her first bacon! :) LOVES it just like Pa!

The girls enjoyed cursing around in the walker!

TJH and the Mr. would take morning golf cart rides to Publix for donuts! YUM!

We played trains!

We played out side a lot! In the yard, driveway and in the hose!

Tons and tons of golf cart rides!

And we spent the 4th of July doing all the fun PTC things!

We fed the geese everyday. 

The girls think the dog bowls are toys! ha! And I think Olivia has eaten a whole bowl of dog food in the time we've been here. (Kidding...but she has probably eaten 2-3 pieces!)

We had our annual lunch with our dear friends! Just missing K! 

We went to visit Honey!

TJH helped make our salads!

Playing with the water!

I just love watching all three play together! :) 

Owie enjoying more bacon! 

Lots of time playing in the playroom at G and Pa's!

Owie giving Daddy kisses! :) 

We ate lots of watermelon!

We got together with two of my best friends! 3 of the FOUR were together! We missed L. We had a fun play date! We played and went on a golf cart ride!

All the fun made for good naps and sleep at night for all three of our babies! 

We've had a great little trip away! We love coming back home! TJH and the girls always enjoy all the extra love and attention they get from everyone here! And we love having them in the town we both grew up in!

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