Thursday, July 3, 2014


Someone asked me the other day about our pups. They are still so important to us! We love Lucy and Ethel a ton! :) No, the probably don't get the amount of attention that that used to but they are super loved. 

TJH loves them and his chore is to feed them everyday evening. 

EK is in love with Ethel! She thinks she is so funny and will squeal every time she walks by. :)

Olivia, always wants to touch Lucy's feet...Lucy doesn't like it but she will let her do it a few times before she gets up and moves away. 

Both Lucy and Ethel are great with the kiddos! Ethel LOVES bering around them all the time...Lucy feels's also because she is older. ha! :) 

I'm so our sweet babies get to grow up with the best pups ever!

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