Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Great Grandparent Visit

My grandparents live in FL and we see them about once a year. They came and visited right after the girls were born...like they were not even a week old. :) Well, they came in town this week and made the trip over to see us! It was a great visit and they really enjoyed playing with the kiddos! My grandma still gets on the floor to play with the babies...so sweet! 

First set of grandkids! They have two others but they are much younger than us. 

The four sisters...I LOVE when we are all together! Three of us are going to live in the same town starting in August...now we just need to get B closer! 

Dall and TJH..always having fun!

Sweet M came over and took our picture for us! 

Our kiddos with a set of their grandparents and a set of their GREAT grandparents! 

It's hard to get all three looking at the camera when I'm not behind the camera! ha! :) 

B and M played trains with TJH...he was in heaven! 

We had a great visit! So glad they were able to come see the kids. 

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