Tuesday, July 1, 2014

3 Day Method...

TJH has started to show "signs" of being ready to potty train. He would talk about when he was going to the bathroom in his diaper. We've talked about going to the potty for months...the Mr. has taken him in to the potty and so have I. So we thought this summer would be a great time to start the process. I've heard and read great things about the 3 Day Method. So we started it on Friday. 

Thursday night I made sure I had everything ready. And the Mr. and I decided that I would do the potty training and he would take care of the girls. Of course the Mr. helped but his focus was the girls so I could focus on Tuck. 

So. Friday was awful! We started as soon as he got up. From that moment on there was TONS of tears. He would SCREAM every time I would pick him up to take him to the bathroom when he was peeing on the floor. We don't know if he was scared or he didn't want to go to the bathroom on the potty...but it was awful. I think he actually peed in the potty twice. We went through lots of underwear, lots of towels, lots of carpet cleaner, and LOTS of praise!!! 

This is how my Friday ended. 

Saturday started out the same. But before nap time he did go once in the potty. 

Looking at his TicTacs that he would get if he went potty. 

Saturday we did more of just going in and sitting....don't know that it helped.

But I did get a cute picture! :) 

But after nap time on Saturday he just held it in and didn't go on the potty or in his underwear. The Mr. took him outside for a few minutes and he just let it all out...he peed for a looonnnnggg time and then pooped in the yard!!!!! 

So needless to say he got a bath outside and we talked about how we don't think he's ready or the 3 Day Method isn't for him....

Those two days were awful....I was SOO positive the whole time with TJH but it was so hard. I was at his side for two days straight and didn't leave him unless he was sleeping...I LOVED being with him but the whole process and reason wasn't lovely. 

We've decided to stop and wait. We are still talking about going to the potty and asking if he's dry. But goodness, potty training is no joke! 

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