Monday, July 14, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 44

Dear EK and O,

We started the week out in PTC...we were finishing up our long 4th of July weekend there! You girls just love going to G and Pa's! :) 

EK, you love Katie and sharing your food with her!

Olivia, G got your some cute shoes for you to start tried them out at the park! :) 

You girls love the swings at the park! Wish we could put a swing in our backyard for y'all! 

Took one last snooze on the golf cart before we headed home! 

Playing outside before heading home. 

Tuesday Mommy started teaching summer school and Daddy stayed at home with you girls and TJH. 

Olivia, you LOVE watermelon! 

You girls are just getting so big! Long legs! :) 

TJH took some pictures of you two girls! :) 

You girls turned 10 months old on Wednesday!!! What big girls! 

You girls were trying to get Tucker's cheetos! 

Livi, you love to pull up...on everything! 

Trying out Tuck's bike. 

We had missed we had her over to eat and play! :) 

Playing with sweet Flik! :) 

EK, you just love Dall! ;) 

You girls think your big brothers trucks are SO COOL! 

"Dad, I'm on the phone!" 

Friday we headed up to SC for cousin A's 2nd birthday party! 

You girls did so good at dinner! 

The party was on Saturday at park near their house. You girls had so much fun!

We headed home late Saturday night. Sunday was spent resting and getting things done around the house. You girls took good naps and went to bed early from all the fun you had this week. 

EK, you've started to really love to follow Olivia around and get into things like dog food! :)  You two are becoming really cute play mates! And you both love to talk and play in your cribs when you wake up! :)

We love you so very much!

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