Monday, July 21, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 45

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

We had a very low key week all together. Mommy was still teaching summer school. You girls are all over the place and we had to put up some more baby gates this week. :) 

You girls follow us into the kitchen when we are cooking or making your meals. 

EK, you found the string on Mommy's shorts and thought it would be a great teething toy. 

Livi, you got into the curtons this week and shared with your brother and sister. So sweet of you! ha!

You girls think everything your brother does is so amazing! He was playing a little soccer the other night and you girls thought you would play too!

Then Daddy and Tuck went outside and you had to watch what they were doing. Sweet girl!

Olivia, you got your first tooth this week! You got your bottom left tooth. 

Daddy went to play disc golf with his friend so we went to the park. You guys all did so good for Mommy especially since I was alone. :)

Then when we got home from the park we pull out the pool! 

We moved the kitchen into the upstairs hallway and you girls love playing with it before and after bath time. 

You girls love your real pups and your plastic pups!

Daddy was gone one morning for a while and all three of you were pretty whiny, but as soon as Daddy got home you all three got so happy! 

Owie, you figured out how to climb the stairs! You made it up 3! Of course Daddy was right behind you!

Dall came over a few times this week too! :) 

Rainy morning bottles! Enjoying some Curious George with TJH!

EK, you are starting to stand up but with your hands down still...we think you might be the first walker! :) 

Grandpa and Grandma R came over and you girls loved all the attention! 

Mommy's dishwasher helpers!

You girls are so loved! We can't get enough of you two! Mommy and Daddy miss you when you sleep. :) But one request...slow down! You're getting WAY too big!!


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