Monday, July 28, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 46

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

This week was fun! It was Mommy's last week of summer school! Daddy started working on getting his classroom set up and he started work this week. 

Sweet M watched you girls and TJH a few times this week while Mommy and Daddy were both working. We are so thankful for her! :)

Owie, you have SO many bumps and bruises on your are climbing on everything and getting into everything. We try to keep you safe but you're fast and tricky! 

You girls loose all of these passys under your bed! :) 

The first day that Daddy went to work in his classroom you all missed him sooo much! 

You girls still have so much fun in the bath!

EK you sleep in the funniest positions....even a split! 

You girls love playing with your big brother. 

We've had to block off the fire place but you were trying to find a way in. :)

You girls found your big brother's cup and had some sips! Mommy got you girls your own cup. 

This is what dinner time looks serving you girls and your brother dinner! :)

Daddy made you kiddos a ball pit this week and you girls loved it! 

New hat for Owie! You put that on your head all by yourself!

O is for Olivia!

Owie, you're so sweetest thing ever! You just came up to Mommy and hugged my leg. 

You girls are IMPOSSIBLE to change your diaper and put your clothes on you because of all your movement.  When Daddy's in charge you are usually just in your diapers. :) 

You two enjoy having your bottles together. And sometimes you take each others bottles. 

Helping Daddy vacuum. 

We had family visit this week and you girls loved all the attention. 

You girls tried spaghetti for the first time this week. And you two LOVED it! 

You girls signed more for seconds and thirds! 

EK, you are so sweet and love to sit in our laps and talk to us. :) 

But one of your very favorite things is when Daddy gets you! You girls laugh so hard!! 

 You girls are getting way to big! You are always talking so much!

We love you so very much!

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