Wednesday, December 11, 2013


 So What Wednesday
 So What Wednesdays! 
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Here is what I'm saying So What to this week:
So What If ...
  • It's my 29th birthday...I'm OLD!
  • I LOVE birthdays but the older I get the less fun they glad I have children now to celebrate their birthdays and go OVER the top for them! (And I don't mean in gifts.)
  • I CANNOT wait to visit Santa this weekend with my sweet kiddos, husband and best friends! AH! Our tradition turns 8 years old this year!
  • I miss my wedding rings soooooooo much.
  • I LOVED this past weekend! Rainy weekends are a must once in a while!
  • My students wrote their letters to Santa this week and some of the girls asked for American Girl stuff...those were the BEST Christmases when I got American Girl stuff! :)
  • I'm enjoying wearing all my clothes that aren't maternity! :) But I did LOVE my maternity clothes.
  • The Mr. and I offically have to watch everything we say in front of TJH...he's repeating EVERY thing now! :)

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