Monday, December 2, 2013

EKH & OCH Week 11

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

We spent our week in PTC with family! Boy, was it fun! You girls enjoyed all the extra snuggles and meeting special people! 

Monday you wore your new red sweaters from Honey! You girls loved them and it was so cold outside so they were perfect!

Lucy wanted to check on you girls and get in a picture with you!

EK you let Mommy hold you for a whole nap! :) Mommy was in heaven! 

O, you have smiled solo much more recently! We love your smiles!

Snuggles with O and rocking for EK!

I LOVE that you girls hold hands!! 

Passys and snuggles :)

Tuesday was spent at G's all day because it was so rainy and cold! We loved just playing and snuggling at home! 

Wednesday you girls got to go to Great Grandma's place for a Thanksgiving Eve lunch! All the elderly people LOVED seeing you girls and of course your big brother too! 

EK, you sweet head is sometimes too small for some of the bows you wear. :)

Bath time at G's house!

Aunt Cee came over a lot to get snuggles!

You girls celebrated your first Thanksgiving! 
We ate at Honey's house. It was such a fun day!

You girls both fell asleep so Mommy and Aunt Cee took a quick snooze too! 

And then you girls snuggled up on the couch. 

You girls with Honey!

And all three of you fell asleep on the way home from Thanksgiving lunch! So much fun!

Friday was spent playing at G's with your cousin A!

Then we headed to see Honey for a quick visit and she took us to the bakery for some sweet treats!

Saturday Mommy went to a shower and G kept you girls and TJH! Aunt Cee came over to help too! 
O, you LOVE to snuggle!

A day doesn't go by without hugs from your big brother! :)

Daddy went out of town for the weekend so we made sure to send him pictures! ;)

Sunday was spent packing up and getting ready to go back home. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! 
G's sweet neighbors came over to we could load the car! :)

EK and O, you girls are getting so big! We love you so very much and truly enjoy you being apart of our family! :)


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