Monday, December 23, 2013

EKH & OCH Week 16

Dear EK and O,

What a fun week! Getting closer to Christmas with you two is so much fun! Mommy's last week of work before the break and Daddy's last week staying home with you girls. 

You girls got your first little cold. You woke up Sunday morning with runny noses. It didn't last too Tuesday you girls were better. 

EK, we really think you have grown out of your are SO much happier now! You are a TRUE Daddy's girl! :)

Livi, you make the CUTEST faces! You've had a couple rough moments this week... you cry and get super upset before taking your bottle/nursing. It sometimes take us 20 minutes to get you calm before you will eat...we aren't sure why you're doing this. 

Olivia, we joke that you and TJH are supposed to be the twins! :) 

O, you are a big love to fall asleep on Mommy. :)

You girls really enjoy "play time" in the evenings...EK you kick SO much and O, you love to talk! 

EK, you were telling a funny story to us! 

Daddy snuggles you a lot in the mornings when your big brother is taking his morning nap! 

Look how comfy you are EK! :)

You girls smiled really big when I told you that Mommy would be home for 2 weeks! 

Sweet Emma Kate!

You girls enjoyed your first baking day with us! And you loved Christmas with Grandma R, Cee and Dall! 

Sweet girl!

Sunday was your first time meeting Santa! 
G and Pa came too! They loved seeing you! 

You girls loved Santa and didn't cry one bit! 

Girls, we had a wonderful week! Y'all are so much more active and playful. 

Can't wait for the week to come...your first Christmas!

We love you girls so very much!

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