Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Our Christmas Eve this year was perfect!

We woke up at home and were not stressed to get anywhere quickly. We ate breakfast, kids took naps, and then when Tucker woke up from his first nap we made Nana's Butter Cookies! :)

It was SO much fun to share this experience with TJH! We are making this a new tradition for our family on Christmas Eve to make Nana's Butter Cookies for Santa! 

TJH of course had to taste the cookies he made! :) He LOVED it and danced around the kitchen to the Christmas music playing. :)

Then later we had some play time with the girls and got a little photo shoot in with the kids in their Santa shirts :) Aunt H gave the girls these precious oneies and G gave Tuck his shirt. 

Then the kiddos all took naps and we got ready to go to church. 

It was so wonderful to go to our church for Christmas Eve! 

Then we came home and got Christmas jammies and put all the kiddos to bed!

Then Santa came! :)

What a wonderful day! 

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