Sunday, December 15, 2013

Plans Changed

We have been planning for months to go see Santa today. But plans changed. And it's okay. L and L are super sick, Baby M  is sick and so is Tuck and the girls! So it worked out that we didn't go this weekend. Our plans have been rescheduled and we are praying that everyone is well before then! :)

Our weekend consisted of a lot of playing inside and snuggles to get our babies better! Tuck woke up Friday with a flood coming out of his nose. He felt horrible. And woke up Saturday the same. He took a 4 hour nap on Saturday and then slept 14 hours Saturday night! He woke up this morning feeling a bit better! Glad he got some good zzz's in to help him feel better! The girls both woke up with runny noses this morning. Praying all of this goes away quick!

We kept Flik and Lilo while their Mommy and Daddy were at a Christmas party! 

The Mr. brought me home some treats from the store! YUM!

Tuck was taking his bear and baby for a ride. He put the bears hat cute!

Tuck and Daddy got out of the house today by going to Home Depot! 

Praying all three of our babies are better SOON! We did have a great weekend though! 

How was your weekend?

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