Monday, December 9, 2013

EKH & OCH Week 12

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,
What a wonderful week! You girls adjusted to being back at home great after being at G's and Grandmpa's house for the whole previous week.
And you girls were great for Daddy as he had his first full week alone with all three kiddos!

EK you are TALKING up a storm! You LOVE to squeal and tell us stories! You love to smile SO big! Daddy said, "Emma Kate cries big but smiles so big too!" I think that's the perfect description about you!
Livi Cay, you are a BIG smiler now! But you are more hestitate to give us your smiles. :) You are starting to talk too, but I think EK talks so much you don't have a lot of time to get in! :)

We started the week out with Christmas pjs! I LOVED putting you in these! And of course had to take lots of picutres!

Wednesday we got our Christmas tree and had it decorated by Thursday. You girls enjoyed your play time by the tree!

You girls are on a great evening schedule! It's made our evening so enjoyable! Mommy and Daddy and TJH have been able to eat dinner together too!:) You girls usually eat either right before Mommy gets home from work or right when I get home. Then we have play time, then you girls take a quick little nap and then we take baths, feed again and then night night! :)

Tuck being silly with OCH!

It's been fun to pull out their 3 month clothes and pjs to start wearing! :)

Friday night we celebrated Mommy and J (neighbors) birthdays! Of course you girls had to get dressed up! :)

Honey made your dresses! :) We love Christmas dresses!

Saturday was Mommy's favorite day this week with you girls because I got to spend all day with you girls! :)

You girls are just getting so big!

We love you so much girls!

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