Monday, December 16, 2013

EKH & OCH Week 13

Emma Kate and Olivia Cay,
You girls grew so much this week!

And turned 3 months on Monday!!

Emma Kate you even snored you were sleeping so hard this week! We think you did some major growing that night! :)
Monday was good expect EK you had a rough night going to sleep. Livi Cay you had so much playing with your brother and you did a great job sitting in the Bumbo.

Tuesday was spent with Aunt Cee :) She came to help Daddy with you girls and your big brother!

She dressed you up super cute for the day too! :)

Wednesday morning EK helped Daddy make Mommy's birthday cake! :)

Then we headed to the doc for yall's 2/3 month well visit!

You girls did great! Dr. G was very happy with your growth! You girls did get shots for the first time. :( 
We had a rough night Wednesday night because of the shots. 

You girls love looking at the Christmas tree!

The weekend was filled with lots of girls got your first runny noises. :( Tuck woke up sick on Friday and y'all got it Sunday morning. But you girls were still smiling all weekend!

You girls are really trying to touch each other while playing. It's so sweet!
Daddy put y'alls hats on because he said y'all had head colds! haha Funny Daddy!

So this week taught us that you girls don't do well with shots. :( But you are growing so much! And you also got your first little sickness. But through it all you still smiled A LOT and played a lot too!

We love you girls so much!

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