Monday, December 23, 2013

M & J Christmas

We celebrated Christmas early with J and M! They headed to FL for the Holidays. 

They are basically our kiddos Aunt and Uncle. :) Tuck LOVES J and M and asks to see them daily! 

And they got Tuck an awesome present that he LOVES! It will be perfect for when Tuck plays outside with J and M!

A T-Ball set just for Tucker! :)

J and M of course didn't leave the girls out! They got them precious outfits!! :) Photo shoot to come.

And these super cute onesies!

They are perfect for our girls! O is the chunk and it's so perfect for a Santa Loves Me shirt and EK's Silent Night that M knows are our girls so well! :)

We can't wait to give them their Christmas present! :) 

Merry Christmas to the best neighbors/friends/aunt&uncle ever! :)

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  1. I LOVE this video of Tucker!! He is the cutest! I love how excited he gets when he hits the ball!