Monday, March 17, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 27

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

O my what a fun week! It was Mommy and Daddy's Spring Break! A whole week off with you sweet girls and your BIG brother! 

We spent the whole week together doing fun things!

We spent Monday still in PTC! The weather was beautiful and we wanted to spend as much time on the golf cart as possible!

You girls took good naps on Monday! Livi, you wanted to be held for all your naps and Mommy was okay with that! :) 

Olivia, you are teething pretty bad! You have wanted to be held a lot and have a hard time going down for naps. EK, you are becoming such a good napper! You used to only take 30-45 min your naps are 1-1.5 hours! 

After good naps we headed to the park and to see good friends!
EK, you got to swing for the first time, of course Mommy held on the whole time. You LOVED it!

We stopped by to see our good friends and sat by their pool for awhile! You girls loved sitting outside with Mrs. M and R!

We headed back home late Monday evening. It was nice to wake up in our own home! We had a big day on girls started oatmeal! YUM! You both LOVED it! 

EK, this is your face pretty much all the time now! You are such a HAPPY baby now! We are so thankful that you are better and colic-free! You LOVE when Mommy says "MAMA!" and you LOVE with Daddy tickles you! 

You girls also loved sitting in your highchair!

Tuesday we also headed to the park with the W family! It was SO much fun! We walked, the boys played and we hung out in the shade! 

You girls enjoy being outside. 

Wednesday we hung around the house! 

Olivia, you hung out with Mommy while I folded laundry! What a big helper!

We all read a lot of books! :)

EK, you think your Daddy is the best thing ever! (And I agree!)

Then later in the day we took the D family dinner! They have TWIN GIRLS who are 5 moths younger than you girls! You both loved meeting them! :)

Thursday was errand day! :) Olivia, you went with Mommy to run some errands! And we tried on hats for the beach at Target! You were a great little model! 

Livi, you are a Mama's girl for sure! (Which I love!) Your big brother calls you "Owie" which we all love and find ourselves calling you that too! :)

Friday we played at home most of the day! It was nice to just play and relax!

You girls are so have the BEST big brother ever! He loves to play with you girls and he's been doing the funniest thing...EK rolls so good! Olivia, you have once or twice but you don't roll we will be cheering you on to roll over and Tuck will just come roll you over! :) 

Friday evening you girls tried PEAS for the first time! Olivia, you ate them great! EK, you weren't a fan! 

Saturday was a fun day! We went to B's 1st birthday party! You girls loved seeing everyone! 

Some of Mommy's best friends! With tons of babies! :)

All smiles..well all sucking your bottom lip in! Teething much? ha!

These girls are so very special to Mommy! Lots of little girls!

We didn't go to church on Sunday because Tuck was EXHAUSTED and congested. But you girls were so happy Sunday morning...we just played and listened to the rain outside. 

EK you are a rolling machine! You love to roll over! You roll back to tummy perfectly! You can roll tummy to back...but can't do it every time. Olivia, you are very content being on your back playing with your toes! :)

Grandpa and Grandma R also came for a visit on Sunday too! You girls LOVED playing with Grandma R and being held by Grandpa!

Girls, this week was the BEST! Being at home with you everyday was so much fun and you two bring us so much joy! We can't wait for summer time with you! 
We love you two to the moon and back a million trillion times!


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