Monday, March 10, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 26

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

You sweet girls are getting SO big!

This week E kept all three of you! We didn't have a family member that was able to come and stay so she was sweet enough to change her schedule around to be there all day with three of you! (She usually is just at our house 1/2 day to play/focus on Tucker.) 

Livi, we think you are starting to really teeth. You are always happy and this week has been a little rough for you. We can't feel or see anything yet. But you've had your hand in your mouth non stop and super fussy. 

EK, you LOVE when Mommy says "Mama" and you move your lips the same way...maybe it will be your first word?! :)

You girls love talking and playing with each other! EK you always give Livi the BIGGEST smile when you are placed next or near her! It's so sweet! Olivia, you LOVE to put your hands in EK's face. 

You girls have the SWEETEST big brother ever! Mommy didn't even ask him to do this...he just came by and started to feed you Emma Kate. 

Wednesday we had a little play date! You girls LOVED watching the boys play. 

E made it through the whole week with all three of you! We weren't worried about her at all! She is so loving and wonderful with all of you! We are SO blessed to have such a wonderful girl apart of our family! :) 

And E's sweet boyfriend H came over on Friday to help and play with you kiddos! SOO sweet!

Friday when Mommy got home you girls were in the BEST mood! Probably because you knew that meant SPRING BREAK started! :) 

You girls are just the sweetest! And your smiles are so big!

Saturday morning we headed to PTC to kick off our Spring Break! G and Pa were out of town but we crashed their house and had a blast! We missed them but you girls enjoyed being at their house. 

Playing and stretching after the long drive!

We didn't waste any time...we hopped on the golf cart and headed out! 

You girls LOVED the golf cart! You loved looking around and snoozing in your seats! Don't worry you were very safe! (The golf cart has seat belts!)

Saturday evening we celebrated Cee's 19th birthday! 

Blurry but you girls were looking! :) 

Sunday you girls turned 6 months old!!! (I didn't take your monthly pics because were out of town...I will do it this week!) We spent the day playing outside, golf carting around and loving on you sweet girls! 

This is probably one of my Mommy's favorite pictures of you two! This sums up your relationship...always loving and laughing with each other! 

You girls aren't sitting yet but we were able to snap these pics really quick before rolled forwards. :) 

Livi Cay you are starting to really always have your hands in your mouth and you've been a little more whiney this week. 

Our family...we love you girls so very much! You completed our family 6 months ago! 

Cee and her best friend J came along for the ride! And when we stopped at the park you girls got some lovin'! 

What a wonderful week and start to Spring Break! 

You girls need to slow're getting way to big! You girls are starting to do such fun things! You're both rolling over from back to belly...but you don't like it all when you get on your tummies. 

We love you girls so very much! 

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