Monday, March 3, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 24

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

What a great start to our week! G came back for another week with you precious girls! She is great at sending Mommy pictures at work so I know what you girls are up to. :) 

Sharing toys! 

This week a year ago we found out there were TWO of you! What a special special day!! 

G took this sweet picture! She was putting EK down for her nap and when came down for you sweet girl, you were already asleep! 

G's girls!

 EK, we got your sleeping back to normal after you being sick with that yucky cold. 

You girls don't like tummy time but we try to do a little here and there!
You girls are getting so strong and when you're playing on your backs you are kicking your legs over and reaching far to either side. 

EK you used to be so much smaller than O, but you're catching up! :) 

You girls took your first bath with TJH! You LOVED it! But the Bumbo's wouldn't sink...they kept floating so we had to keep our hands on them the whole time. 
All three of Mommy's babies after a fun bath! 

We spent the weekend outside because the weather was so nice!

You girls love going for hikes in the Bjorns! 

It was so warm I had to break out some of your summer clothes! 

And the grabbing of the bows begins! 

GIRL talk! :)

EK, you got to ride in the "BIG girl" stroller and LOVED it!

O, that's are wearing your brothers hat because all of the baby hats we have don't fit you. :) 

Even during super busy weeks at work Daddy and Mommy LOVE all the moments we get to spend with you two. And we are so thankful that you are so happy when we are away too. We love you girls so very much!


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