Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sick Little Ones

Whew, what a crazy last 36 hours!

Friday evening EK started to run a fever. The fever lasted all weekend. It was a bit high for a "teething" fever. We did all the things you do for a fever. She didn't really show any other signs. So fast forward to Sunday evening. She wouldn't go down for the night. She was screaming uncontrollably. But this scream was like no other. She wouldn't let us lay her down. She literally screamed from about 5:30pm until 5am. I finally took her to the ER at 12:30.

We were at the ER until 4:30am. While we were there she started to break out into a crazy rash all over her body too. The doc on call there said she just had a "viral infection" and to continue the Tylenol and Advil. I asked him 3 different times if it was her ears. And he said no. So we left and I wasn't happy. She finally fell asleep at 5am and slept until 8am. She still acted the same all morning on Monday. She only took a 2 hour nap laster in the morning. I made an appt to see her pedi.

The moment that Dr. G looked into her ear he immediately said, "Wow, that's a nasty ear infection!" I knew I was right. I knew she had an ear infection. Needless to say we will be fighting to NOT pay our co-pay at the hospital! I'm not sure if the ER doc didn't know what he was doing or was just too lazy to do something about her ear infection! 

We are SO thankful for a wonderful pedi! We also took TJH in since he had a high fever since Saturday evening. He has a viral infection and they tested him for strep. He doesn't have strep...thank goodness. 

So it's been a long few days but we are praying that EK's meds work fast and that TJH's body fights off the infection quick!
I'm so blessed to be their mommy. I LOVE taking care of them even when they are sick! :)

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