Sunday, March 23, 2014

We're BACK!


Finally got the computer issues taken care of! WHOOP!

We should be back to our regular posting! I've missed blogging SO much!

So who's excited about the spring weather! We are! Expect it's going to be cold again this week. BOO! 

We had a great weekend expect we have 2 sick babies. Not sure what they have...hopefully getting some answers tomorrow. 

This is what happens with Mommy and Daddy are feeding babies...ha! He wasn't harmed but he did get a first taste of energy balls. :) 

I've posted the girls 6 month update. I took the pics on time but couldn't post because of the computer problems. 

We've joined back at the Y! So excited!

This happen today when I was rushing to get into the gym for my class. I didn't notice until I went to put my water down...ha! SOOO embarrassing! 

Well folks, we're back! :) 

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