Monday, March 24, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 28

Dear EK and O,

You girls started out the week with your 6 month well-visit! You girls are so big now!

EK: 16lbs 7oz 25.5 inches long
O: 16lbs 11oz 25 3/4 inches long

Dr. G was very happy with all of y'all's development and growth! 

Owie, you got to try the Johnny Jumper this week and you enjoyed it!

Aunt B kept you girls this week while Mommy and Daddy were at work. She was a HUGE help to Mommy on getting Emma Kate to only sleep in your bed. You were still taking naps in your swing. But with her help you now sleep in your bed. :) 

We started the weekend off with lots of playing and snuggling. 

Olivia, you are such a sweet girl. You are quiet but when you speak it's so soft and sweet. :) 

This is probably my favorite picture of you so far. :) It captures your sweet personality. 

Emma Kate, you are the life of our house! You keep us smiling and laughing and you are always chatting it up! :)

Part of the trick to getting you girls sleep so good in your bed was letting you start sleeping with your blankies. Mommy was too nervous before to let you sleep with them but now you girls are bigger. You LOVE having them on your and around your faces. :) 

I thought it was so sweet that you girls were sleeping the same way just opposite sides. :)

EK, you started feeling bad Friday evening. You ended up in Mommy and Daddy's bed a good bit over the weekend. 

Saturday morning giggles and smiles!

You girls LOVE your Daddy!

O, you always are touching our faces and this includes EK! :)

Saturday morning oatmeal! YUM! You both love your oatmeal, but EK you gobble yours up quick!

The weather was so nice and warm on Saturday. You girls sat outside and watched TJH play. 

Sunday we didn't go to church bc EK you were running a fever and then later in the day Tuck started to run a high fever too. 

All three of you with your blankies. Made by Aunt P who lives in California. 

We snuggled and watch The Aristocrats! 

You girls had your first Baby Mum Mum and LOVED them!  

Your amber-teething bracelets came in the mail this weekend...we hope they help with your teething. 

What a wonderful week! It was busy for Mommy and Daddy but we still had time to love on you sweet girls! We love you girls so very much!


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