Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy SIX Months Emma Kate and Olivia!

1/2 A YEAR!! 
Stats for EKH:

Weight: 16lbs 7oz
Height:  25.5 inches
Clothes: 6 months
Size of Diaper: Size 2...we are moving to Size 3 as soon as we are done with this box.
Daily Routine: Your daily routine has gotten so good now! :) You sleep 12-13 hours at night. You drink 4(6oz) and 1(8oz before bed) bottles a day. You have oatmeal in the morning and a veggie in the evening. You take 1-1.5 hour naps...usually 2-3 naps. You still sleep in your swing for naps and to fall asleep a night but we transfer you to your bed for the night. 
Milestones: We have a roller! :) You love to roll around! You've gotten your toes in your mouth! You are doing great with solid foods! You LOVE your oatmeal! You are constantly smiling and laughing...your smile makes people's HUGE and you smile with your eyes too! You enjoy listening to books, playing in your exercasuer, and talking to all of us! You also love to watch Ethel and Tucker! Tucker calls you Emma Kate(he says it pretty fast!) and we call you...EK, Emmy Cake, and Pretty Princess!

Stats for OCH: 

Weight: 16lbs 11oz
Height: 25 3/4 inches
Clothes: 6 months and you can fit into 9 months too! 
Size of Diaper: Size 2....we are moving to Size 3 as soon as we are done with this box.
Daily Routine: You nurse/get a bottle 5-6 times a day. You nurse for your and last two feedings of the day.You have oatmeal in the morning and a veggie in the evening.    You sleep 12-13 hours each night and take okay naps...usually 45-1 hour naps.
Milestones: You are a cuddle bug! You love to give hugs and love getting kisses! You have rolled over once or twice but not really enough to say you roll over. :) You do pretty well at supported sitting. You love holding books, playing in your Bumbo, and watching Tucker play! You always are touching our faces and hair with your's so very sweet! You also have been teething pretty bad...but no teeth yet. Tucker calls you Owie...which we think is SO cute! We also call you Livi, Livi Cay, and Livi Pie!

Girls, yall need to slow are already 1/2 YEAR OLD! WOW! You girls have gotten so big and do so many fun things now! You both are such happy girls now and LOVE to play with each other. You've really started to notice if the other is upset. When you are next to each other you have to be touching each other...and you will find each other quickly. :) 

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