Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mini Early Christmas :)

We had planned on doing gingerbread houses with Aunt Dall this weekend but that's really the only plans we had. Well our Saturday ended up being SO fun!

Aunt Dall came over and declared she was staying all day and night!! WHOOP! :) And then not long after she came over G and Pa called and said they were missing the babies so they wanted to come up for dinner! Okay!! Yay! 

M and J were leaving for FL on Sunday, so we knew we wanted to see them and exchange gifts before they left and we did that too!

But first M treated me to a fun pedi for my birthday! We got a super cute design too! It was super relaxing and it's always so nice to get out with just her! We are always with kiddos and husbands when we are together(which is great) but it was nice to have some girl time!

The Mr. cooked a super yummy rib roast and while it cooked we did gingerbread houses!
My sweet MIL got me a's SOO cool! 

Uncle Joey feeding the girls! :) 

Dall was great...she is such a great artist and she was sweet and let TJH help her with her house! :) 

And we finished the evening with a YUMMY Blizzard cake from DQ for a late birthday for me! :) 

I love how our Saturday all played out and it and almost none of it was planned! :) 
Merry Mini Christmas! 

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