Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas in PTC

We went to PTC Christmas Day and stayed for five days! We had a blast! Cousin A was there for the first 2 days so that was super fun for TJH!
At the park on Christmas Day!

Last time to wear Christmas pjs on Christmas night! 

Snuggling with Aunt A

Daddy and EK taking selfies!

We had a birthday party for Jesus the morning after Christmas with banana bread cake! The kiddos loved singing to Jesus!

The girls LOVED playing with their new babies and strollers from GMama and Pa!

Weather was great and we were able to play outside a good bit and take lots of golf cart rides!

GMama took this picture...Grandpa had taken a phone call in the front living room and TJH found him and sat with him while he was on the phone...he loves his Pa!

One neighborhood over is a house that does a HUGE light show so we loaded the kiddos up and took them over to see the lights...they loved them!

The older kids went to visit Great Grandma H!

GMama and Pa gave the girls their first dollhouse and they LOVE it!!

Fun walks! 
And yummy dinners!

We had Christmas with my mom and sisters while we were in town too! 

Honey got the girls cute dolls that giggle! :)

The kiddos had a blast playing with their new toys and being with family! 

Pa is a great place for the girls to drink their nighttime bottles. 

Scout and EK wanted belly rubs! 

Lots of golf cart rides!

Being silly in Publix

Our last morning was spent playing before heading back home. We did have some visitors! 

A, LK and J stopped by! :) 

These pictures were exactly a year apart!!! :) Love my sleeping car babies! 

We had so much fun seeing friends and family while in PTC...the kiddos always have a blast! 

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