Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas in the Classroom

This time of year is always fun in my classroom! Thankfully I work at a school with Christian principals who allow us to have Christmas trees and do plenty of holiday fun! :)

I did Elf on the Shelf again, but didn't take my daily pictures this year! But the kids really enjoyed it!

The doors at ours school were all really cute this year! I did the same door I did last year because I tie it to a cute book, "Santa's Stuck" and we do some writing too. :) 

Then we added their writing!

My school does a fun 12 days of Christmas with something different each day...gotta love Tacky Sweater Day!

And Holiday Headgear! 

I made a snow globe when I was a student in school that I'll NEVER forget making, so every year I've been teaching I've done with with my kiddos. Each year, the kids just LOVE them! And I also always do an ornament with the kids pictures for the parents. 

We had gotten a similar gift like this in our mailboxes at school, so I copied them and made them to go with TJH, EKH, and OCH's teachers gifts. :) I love the HUGE noses!

Up close of the snow globe! 

And of course we always have PJ day on the last day for Polar Express Day! 

One of my most FAVORITE things we do at our school is a school-wide Christmas Sing-Along! It's SO much fun!

I didn't do a big party with my class this year...this group can't really handle that very well. But we did do something fun for the last day. We had read 8 different gingerbread men books over the past 2 weeks, so we decorated gingerbread cookies! The kids really enjoyed it and it was the perfect little celebration! 

It was a fun December in my classroom! Now, for some much needed rest with my sweet family! 

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