Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas Eve was wonderful! We spent it at home, right where we wanted to be!

We started the day out with a yummy brunch with my Dad and R! The kids loved having their Grandpa and Grandma R at the house! 

They brought really fun presents for the kids! Grandma R was smart and got three toys that all three could play with! 

Grandma R helped TJH make cookies for Santa!

We of course made Nana's famous butter cookies for Santa!

The kids took naps and then we got ready for Christmas Eve service. I LOVE our Christmas Eve's a family service so it's okay if the kids walk around in the back or maybe talk a little. :) 

The kiddos did great and loved the music! 

When we got home I tried to take some pictures of their outfits. :) 

It was so such a wonderful day! Getting the kiddos to bed was exciting for Santa too! :) Santa had a blast getting things ready for the Hammar kids! 

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