Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Break 2014

We have a whole week off for Thanksgiving and it's so needed and fun!

I had the car packed up Thursday night so I could pick the kiddos up from school and head to PTC as soon as possible! 

We had a VERY long drive because of holiday traffic. The kiddos were so good! Especially since I was alone, there were a few tricky moments but we all made it in one piece! 

Tucker was so excited to see G and Pa! He got to stay up late and eat popcorn with Pa!

Love breaks for lots of reasons but one the major ones is all the cuddles I can get from my babies! Livi woke up early so we had some cuddles before everyone else got up!

YUM! Swedish pancakes!

Lots of playing in the playroom! And being silly! 

Of course we broke out the golf cart as soon as we could! The kids LOVE going on rides! 

Silliness with 3 kiddos!! :) 

Tuck thought G needed her hair brushed. :) 

EK figured these magnets out quickly and loved taking them all off and then putting them back on. 

Reading boat magazines with Daddy!

Ready for another adventure!

We took a little girls shopping trip with G and Aunt B! 

We enjoyed having Aunt B with us part of the week! 

Tucker loved doing G's nails. 

We went and visited a very dear friend of mine. I started babysitting for R and A when LK was an infant. They are the most precious family and we love them!

It made me feel super old that LK was playing with my babies!

We started Thanksgiving prep on Wednesday morning and we knocked a lot out. 

We had Thanksgiving Eve lunch with Grandma. Tuck LOVED being there and the cake! 

We of course hit up some parks on break too!

We were so excited for TJH to watch the Macy's Day Parade and he was too but he had been up for so long already that he fell asleep before Thomas the Train made his appearance! 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The girls LOVED Thanksgiving food! Olivia tore up some mashed potatoes! :) 

Getting onto Lucy for trying to get her food!

I caught these two up to no good...eating pretzel jello salad! 

Friday, the Mr. left to go back home for the GA/GA TECH football game. We stayed back so that Pa could see the kiddos some more after his trip! 

Slide hog! :) 

And car hog!

We played on Saturday and then we headed back home when it was bed time. We got back and TJH was happy to see his snowman and his Olaf shirt that came in the mail while we were gone! 

We had a wonderful wonderful Thanksgiving break! And we are already counting down until Christmas break! :)

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