Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Elf on the Shelf_TJH

I've done Elf on the Shelf for 5 years now with my students. But this year, I'm even more excited because we are doing it at home with TJH! :)

Last year we bought him the stuffed Elf on the Shelf but he wasn't too interested in at all. But this year, we thought we would do it again! 

December 1st is always a good time to start. I know some families start it the day after Thanksgiving but I think it's fun to wait until December 1st. 

I wasn't home with TJH came down for breakfast when Mr. Elf made his appearance but the Mr. said he was SO excited and kept telling Mr. Elf thank you for the donuts!

Can't wait to watch TJH's excitement for the next 23 days with Mr. Elf!

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