Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 is probably my favorite Christmas of all! Having children and watching Christmas through their eyes is the BEST!!!

The kiddos didn't wake up too early, we were downstairs around 8am! 

Santa brought Tucker a red scooter just like he asked for!

He LOVED it! And went for a ride as soon as he opened it!

The girls got baby dolls from Santa which they loved too!

EK LOVED the bows!!! She walked around and collected all the bows and then pushed them around in the dump truck! :) 

The girls got this puppy but TJH fell in love with they all 3 share it now! :) 

EK and O gave TJH a Mickey Mouse because the three of them have started to enjoy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sometimes! :) 

Lots of Frozen stuff! :) 

 Stockings were a hit too!!

We ate breakfast and played and then when the kids started to get tired we loaded up the car and headed to PTC. All three slept in the car for a good bit! :)

Then it was Christmas all over again in PTC with cousin A, GMama, Uncle B and Aunt A! 

GMama and Pa got the girls baby dolls and they are twins but have different eye colors like our girls! :) 

TJH's favorite gift from GMama and Pa was the zip up runway filled with little planes! 

Taking her baby to Target!

Helping TJH try on his new hat!

Snack break while opening presents!

GMama looking at the present we made her and Pa!

We ARE the Griswolds!!! 

After presents it was time for a golf cart ride! 

Such a MERRY Christmas! The kids are at such a fun age! We loved being able to spend a big part of our day in PTC with family too! It was perfect! :)

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