Monday, February 3, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 22

Dear EK and OC,

We had a wonderful week with you girls!

Aunt B came to stay with you girls (and all of us of course) this week! :) 

Monday evening Grandpa and Grandma R came for a quick visit! You girls loved seeing them! 

Tuesday brought your very first snow! Mommy and Daddy got to come home early and then we got to stay home with you sweet girls and your brother on Wednesday! You girls didn't actually go out in the snow...too cold!

EK, you caught Mommy's head cold this week and have been sneezing a ton...but still seem happy! :)

Olivia, Tuck was showing you how his trains seemed very interested. :)

EK, you wanted to join in on the fun too! 

Bath time is great! Mommy can't wait to get y'all in the tub together soon. 

EK you are working hard on trying to roll over! 

Livi, you could care less right now about rolling over. :)

Friday afternoons are always so much fun! It's the beginning of the weekend for all 5 of us! We played a lot Friday afternoon. 

Then Grandma R surprised us for a quick visit! You girls loved seeing her for the 2nd time this week!

Saturday was spent at home. We played, napped, snuggled, and had fun! 

Sunday we headed to church. You girls did great in the nursery. 

You girls wore your pretty dresses to church that Aunt P from California gave you. 

You girls were were smiling and chatting up about the weekend! 

EK you are a Daddys for sure!!! Playing with Daddy and eating your hands. 

Livi, you are a mama's girl and I love it it! 
We enjoyed the pretty weather and went for a walk! It's so funny that you girls saw your first snow and then you were walking a few days later in the 60's. 

Olivia you got to ride in the BIG GIRL stroller today! :) First time! EK, you walked on Mommy in the Baby Bjorn. 

All the ladies in the house!

Girls, we love you so very much! Each week gets better and better! 

We love you to the moon and back!


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