Thursday, February 6, 2014

T's Birthday!

Tuesday was such a special day! Our sweet boy turned 2! Of course I was sad that I had to work. But, sweet E (his nanny) made his morning so very special! Special birthday breakfast with signing Happy Birthday! And then they headed to story time at the library! He had a blast! 

He came home and took a long nap and wasn't even up when I got home from work. He woke up a bit later and then we got ready to go to his birthday dinner! :) Chick-fil-A of course! 

We were so glad Aunt B was here to celebrate with us too! :) The girls did great at dinner! Tuck and the Mr. played while we waited for our food, we ate and then Tuck got his IceDream! :) 

We came home and he finished his IceDream and opened a present! The Curious George movie! He even got to watch some of his movie before bath and bed. :)

What a fun day! He was filled with smiles and excitement all day! 

Happy 2nd Birthday TJH!