Monday, February 10, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 23

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

You girls are our sunshine for sure! :) Always making us smile!

Aunt B was here again with you girls this week! She is such a blessing and totally gets you girls...she is a twin mama too!

We realized on Monday that you girls already fit into your 6 month clothes! I thought they would be so big on you girls, but I was wrong!

EK, you've been waking up almost every night this week at about 3am. You aren't hungry or really crying hard, just making a few noises. 

Tuesday you girls went with us to celebrate Tuck's birthday at girls were PERFECT! 

Cousin A came into town and LOVED playing with you girls.

A wanted to sit with you Olivia in Mommy's lap. She calls you and EK "babies". 

EK, you are such a Daddy's girl! You both always are looking and listening to him when he's in the room. 

We've been transition you two girls into your cribs with no Nap Nanny and swaddle. Some nights have been better than others. But I love seeing how you two sleep without being swaddled. 

Mommy went out of town for one night and missed you girls (and Tuck) so much but got super cute pics of y'all  from Daddy and Aunt Cee. 

Sunday was filled with lots of playing and talking. It's fun to play with you girls but then also walk away and let you play on your own because you girls LOVE to chat! 

You two turned 5 months old Sunday too! Slow down sweet girl, you're getting TOO big! 

We had a fun week celebrating your big brother turning 2. You girls are so sweet and are smiling all the time! We love you!


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