Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pirates & Pizza in the Park!

Tucker turned 2 exactly a week ago! And boy has the last week been fun! We celebrated at home and at Chick-fil-A on his actual birthday. Friday family started arriving for his party. And Saturday was his big party! His party was perfect and he had a blast!

Friday evening all the family had arrived and we played, ate and got ready for Saturday!

Tuck opened his presents from Aunt A, Aunt B and G & Pa!

G & Pa gave him Soccer Buddies(a program we are going to do through the YMCA later this Spring), soccer shorts, and a soccer goal! 

Aunt B gave him a soccer ball! 

Ready to learn how to play soccer!

SO excited! :)

Saturday was PARTY DAY! We were  pretty nervous about the weather because all week it kept going from 80% to 10% to 60% chance of rain. We had a back up plan but I didn't want to have to use it. Well, the weather was PERECT! We did it at one of our local parks that has pavilions you can rent and an awesome playground. 

When we arrived to set up some people had already started a fire...it was great for being in the shade. 

Food table. We did Papa John's pizza(that we had delivered to the park), salad, fruit, veggies and cupcakes. 

With my sweet birthday boy!

We were so thankful the morning of the party to have so much help! Aunt B was in charge of getting all of my babies ready and at the park. She did an amazing job! Aunt A  and cousin A helped too! 

And of course M came early and helped with last min set up too. M played the whole party with T too! SO sweet! She brought Lilo and Flik too and they loved playing in the park!

WRG running around

He's way too big! :)

A and her sweet daughter J! 

J and E swingin'

Cousin A!


Daddy and the birthday boy!

Grandma R came and played on the playground with T too! 

Sweet K and precious O!

C and ABG!

Grandma R and Tucker John

Of course Aunt Cee was there!

SO excited to have E at the party...she just had her second child not even 3 weeks ago! Her sweet family came to celebrate T! :)

Aunt B and EK...they love each other!

Family of 5!

Just the girls! I was so excited about the girls outfits...my bff J found them at Target and told me about them. :) 

Uncle B and Olivia 

He played the whole party and loved having all of his family and friends at the park with him!

Best friends with our girls!

Uncle B with the birthday boy!

Aunt A and A

B and M

We didn't want to stop the kiddos from playing so we just brought over a cupcake. We sang and Tuck blew out his candle...he LOVES blowing out the candle! 

Kisses for Daddy!

J and Aunt Cee playing with the babies!

Uncle B with all of his nieces and nephew. 

What a fun day! Perfect weather, amazing family and friends, yummy food and a GOOD TIME!

Thank you to everyone who wished Tucker a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and helped and/or came to his party. We are so thankful for all the wonderful people in Tuck's life! 

Happy Birthday Pirate Tucker!

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  1. Looks like an awesome party!! So much fun!!! Arg!