Monday, February 24, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 25

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

We had a great week! GMama was here taking care of you and your brother. 

Emma Kate you started having a pretty bad cold last week so when Mommy took TJH to his 2 year appointment you went along to get checked out. No ear infection or croup...those were the two things we worried about. Just a bad cold. Dr. G told us some tricks and said if it wasn't gone within a week to bring you back.

Olivia, you love when Tuck plays with you! Your giggle is so sweet!

Wednesday was Daddy's 30th birthday! We celebrated at home with a yummy dinner and a cake. Pa came and surprised Daddy. 

We had a great time celebrating Daddy! 

Your big brother is so sweet to play with you girls! He was serving you two girls breakfast! 

G said that O was crying and EK was trying to calm you down. :) 

We headed to the park Thursday afternoon because the weather was so nice! You girls loved riding around!

EK, your cold is still around and your having a hard time sleeping at night. But we think you are close to feeling better!

G had to use the restroom so she put you in the tub for a minute...and you loved it!

You girls have gotten more active during play time and really enjoy your toys! You like to independently play and you love to play with us. 

Mommy needed to do her hair and you girls loved chatting with me while I did it. :) 

Saturday Mommy took all three of your to the park by myself! It was such a smooth fun little adventure! You girls were so good! 

Daddy getting some weekend love!

What a fun busy week with you girls! Even though you were sick EK, we still had a wonderful week with you. Hopefully we can get you sleeping good at night again. 

We love you sweet girls!

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