Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wrapping Up Our Week..

We were so blessed to have my MIL here until Thursday evening. She left after she put TJH to bed while the Mr. was in class. But before she left she made sure TJH had a great day!

Trying to eat a snack without his pups asking for a bite! :)

Taking one of his babies for a ride!

Baby in the back! :)

Jumpin' fun!

Our sweet neighbor M texted me and said she had gotten a kiddie pool for her dogs but that TJH could enjoy it too! So my MIL took him down before bed! He of course LOVED it!

Then on Friday our great friends came for a visit! One of their family members had a soccer game on Saturday about an hour away from us so they decided to make a trip out of it! :) We LOVED having them! R is 4 and A is the same age as TJH...actually they are 20 days apart! :) 

The Mr. cooked a super yummy dinner on Friday night! Yummy ribs and sides! :)
A and TJH enjoying some dinner!

Saturday morning the Mr. and TJH took them to our local Farmers Market and park! They all had a blast! Before they left all the kids played after breakfast! 

Sharing toys so well!

R pullin' the little ones!


Playin' with A! 

Big boy slide!

When they all got home they were hot from all the playing so they jumped in the pool and sprinkler!

 So much fun!

After they headed out TJH went down for a nap...he was so tired and when he woke up he had a super high fever. :( 103.4...we aren't sure where that came from. So the rest of the evening was keeping our sweet boy as comfortable as possible. We were very sad to miss going to our friends house to watch the UGA game. 

But it was a wonderful end of our week and beginning of our long weekend! :)

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