Sunday, September 29, 2013

Special House Visitors

After getting home and settled we began to have visitors at the house. We LOVE having our friends and family over. :) The girls had a lot of special visitors... and of course everyone was excited to see TJH too! :) 

Aunt K came as soon as we got home...she wasn't able to come to the hospital because of sorority recruitment and school. So we were excited when she could come! 

And of course Lucy and Ethel were excited to see Aunt K too!

W and L came to meet the sweet girls too!

Best friends with our THREE girls!

My grandparents came from FL to see us and meet the girls! My grandma was so excited because she is a twin mama too! She had twin boys...she was an expert at holding both of the girls at the same time. 

Aunt LK came back for another visit. 

All of us H's...just missing B. 

The Mr.'s best friend K and his new finance L came for a visit too! We were so exicted to see them and celebrate their recent engagement! 

J from work came to love on the girls. :)

Best friend L was so exicted to meet the girls too! 

The H's look good with two babies...can't wait for them to have one of their own someday!

K and M from school came for an afternoon visit!

Our dear friend L from Memphis came to stay with us while her husband was at the Ga Tech game. We loved having her here and she was great with the girls and of course TJH. 

GMama was with us for over a week and she of course loved on the girls a ton and helped us out SOOOO much. 

Our friends S and S from FL came up for a visit too! We hadn't seen them since this summer so we were so excited to see them! 

B and A from school came over to love on the girls after school one day. 

And L with her niece came to see the girls and L made a point to love on TJH a lot! :)

We have the best family and friends! We've been showered with so many gifts, wonderful meals and tons of love! We are so thankful for all of the support we've been given. Our girls and TJH are surrounded by so many wonderful people! 

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