Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome to the World Sweet Girls!

I want to document the birth story of our sweet twin girls. Their birth story is very different from their brothers, which is should be because it's theirs. :)

After 5 days of at home bed rest I woke up Sunday, September 8th feeling awful. I mean to the point where I couldn't open my eyes, I couldn't really get up expect to use the restroom and I just felt awful. The Mr. told me to stay upstairs in bed and he brought me food and meds throughtout the day. TJH even came a couple of times to visit but it was hard to play with him in bed while feeling so awful. Finally at about 5pm I called the doctor. She had told me the Wednesday before if my blood pressure was anything over 150/90 that I need to call. Well, it was so I called. My doc told me to come in. So, I quickly got a shower and did my hair because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it before delivering the girls. The Mr. got TJH all settled with our amazing neighbor and we called my MIL to come down from SC(she was at her daughters house). We got to the hospital about 6pm. My docotor came in pretty fast and was happy I had made it through the weekend but she wanted me to make it until Tuesday. I asked her why Tuesday and she said I would be 37 weeks on Tuesday. I was super upset by this...she changed my due date like right that minute. I was like, I was 37 weeks on Friday...she kind of blew me off. This is the first time she has ever upset me. But I was like o well, at this point I just wanted some relief and wanted my girls in my arms.

Within an hour we were moved into a room and they started to give me meds to knock out my headache. They thought if they could get my headache under control then my blood pressure might come down some. My sweet MIL came to spend the night with me in the hospital and the Mr. went home to be with TJH. I slept pretty good...and for a hospital and being as pregnant as I was I was impressed. I woke up about 6:45am and felt some relief. I still had the headache...not as bad as the night before. My new nurse for the day came in. April, was amazing from the moment she walked in! She could just tell how ready I was and she was so excited that I was having twin girls. She has twin sisters! ;) When I got up to go the bathroom I lost my mucas plug. I didn't have this happen with TJH but I had talked with other about it and I knew my body was starting to go into labor on its own. April hooked me up to the contraction monitor and I was having painful contractions every 2-3 minutes. April was like okay we are going to put this all out on the table for Dr. J when he comes in. I liked her attitude! She knew I was miserable and all signs were leading to the fact that my baby girls were ready to come too! Dr. J came by at about 9am. He's one of the five docs in the practice...I've always liked him when I've seen him in the office. He's older and has a great sense of humor. And he's always dressed to play some golf! :) He came in and April told him all of my stats, headache, blood pressure, mucas plug, contractions and such. He said, well why don't we have some babies today! :) I asked him about the whole waiting until Tuesday because of what Dr. C said. He said, that's just a statistic and I think you're ready but I'll call Dr. R(high risk doc) to confirm. But then before he left the room he said we will most likely have the c-section between 1 and 2pm. Those were the best words ever! I couldn't eat and that made me not very happy. I hadn't eaten since Sunday afternoon and I was pretty miserable but I thought only a few more hours. Dr. J came back in about an hour later and said that Dr. R said he was fine with the girls being delivered. And then Dr. J explained a c-section to us. He said, "I'm going to cut you open. Take out Baby A, spank her. Take out Baby B and spank her. And then sew you back up. Got any questions?" The Mr. and I were so tickled by this and said no. :) And then he said he had to go get his crown glued back in and then he would deliver the babies. I also thought that was pretty funny! :)

My mom arrived around 11am and we just sat in my room all together. I know I wasn't pleasant to be around. I'm sure her and my MIL thought I was the biggest brat. But I was in a lot of pain, so hungry and so ready for it to all be over. I think I had been pretty patient. I tried to rest but it wasn't really possible. April came back in and told me to take a shower and then she would start getting me ready for the c-section. So I got a shower and then she came back and started getting things ready. I just loved how she was with me, so positive and excited! April brought the Mr. all of his get up too! He got dressed in his scrubs.  Then the two anesthesiologist came in and explained the type of epidural I would be getting and what they would be doing while the c-section was going on. I was pleased to know that I wouldn't have a needle stuck in me the whole time. I'm not sure the name of my epidural but it's more of a spinal block. Dr. J came to check on me after he got back from the dentist and it was cute how excited he was too! April said he gets like that before deliveries...which made me happy because he is doing a super big job! :) Since I wasn't a schedule c-section we had to wait on the other c-sections to be done. At 1:50 they came in and said it was time to go! I literally jumped out of the bed and skipped into the OR!

April was amazing once again! She told me exactly what to do when we got in there and held me while I had the epidural put in. It didn't hurt at all...just a little burn. And it was so crazy how fast it started working! But I liked that I still could tell my legs were there just couldn't feel. ha! Things got started and within a few minutes they let the Mr. in. Dr. J came in and was still cracking us up! I always thought it was just show on ER and Grey's Anatomy that they talk and cut up in the OR...but it really does happen! :) It made it more relaxed for me. The Mr. started talking to me about random things, I think they had told him to do that to help me. But, I was like what?! ha! I told him I feel like their are elbows on me. He told me there was! I just felt pressure, no pain.  Within a few minutes they said, Daddy you can stand up and take pictures. Then I head them's Baby A!

Well, I didn't hear anything and I got super anxious. I know I asked the Mr. probably 5 times if she was okay. And then I heard her LOUD scream! Such a relief! And within seconds Dr. J was holding her to the side of me! All bloody and everything....she was so precious and perfect! And soon after they said, here's Baby B! Baby B was crying the second she came out. Dr. J brought her over all bloody too! So perfect as well! :) The Mr. then went over to the nurses that were taking care of the girls. And then they started to sew me up. The nurses brought the girls over for me to hold and kiss! It was amazing! I could tell instantly that they were fraternal. And Baby B looked JUST like TJH! :) I couldn't tell at first who Baby A looked like. My eyes were also filled with tears of joy! :) The nurses were soo sweet and actually let me hold them by myself. I got a little nervous. :) Just because I was in such an awkward position. The Mr. and the nurses took the girls into the nursery for more testing and weights and all of that jazz.

I laid on the table with a million thoughts in my head. Were the girls going to be okay? Were they going to have to go to NICU? What did the weigh? I just had two babies! I wanted the Mr. to be with them but I also kind of wanted him with me. But April was so great and kept checking on me. :) The anesthesiologists kept asking me if I was okay too. I told them I felt like I need to cough...and she said it was okay. And the feeling went away within minutes. Then the phone rang into the OR and April picked it up. She yelled out, "Baby A is 6 lbs 14 oz!! Baby B is 6lbs 10oz!" I was shocked! What big babies!!! And then I was kind of laughing everyone in the OR was like what's so funny? And I was like well the whole time I was pregnant, Baby B was bigger! I just couldn't wait to really meet them! I was filled with so much joy and thanksgiving! I kept thanking God while I was laying there!

I was rolled out of the OR at 2:50pm. I couldn't believe the whole process only took an hour! I was so impressed with my c-section. Before having the girls, I was very against c-sections for myself. I didn't ever want an epidural. But since Baby A was breech I didn't have any options. I'm so blessed with how wonderful it all went. So smooth! When I got back to my room April asked me what kind of juice I wanted and I got so excited! ha! :) It was so nice to drink a big cup of apple juice! ha! And then within a few minutes my two precious girls were rolled into my room and the lactation consultant came in with them so we could nurse for the first time! She basically did it for me because I still had to be laying flat. It was still an amazing experience. Reminding me of nursing TJH for the first special. I was so thankful for her help. She spent about an hour with us. The girls latched right away and ate good! I was so thankful! After they nursed we all snuggled together for a while. It was so wonderful to have some time with just the girls and the Mr. And then our family started to come in the room. The Mr. told me who he decided to name who. Baby A is Emma Kate and Baby B is Olivia Cay. :) And I thought it was perfect! Especially since Olivia looks just like TJH and he had picked that name.

Our family was able to see the girls through the nursery window but then they came in our room and got to hold the girls! Then I started asking questions about their health and all. Dr. G (their pedi) came in and talked with me and said they looked perfect! I asked him some questions about Baby A being breech and he said everything with her hips and head looked good now, but she would be scanned at 4 months. I was so glad to hear this. I am still praying that there won't be any issues since she was breech for 20 weeks in my tummy. But we will deal with that if and when it comes. :) God is in control.

Our family hung out throughout the evening and then TJH was brought to meet his sweet sisters! He wasn't so sure at first when he saw them all wrapped up, but once the Mr. unwrapped them he was excited and wanted to hold them. It was precious!! My heard almost exploded to see all three of my children all together. And it did when I saw my husband holding our three children all together!

September 9th is a day that I will never forget! Ever! I still remember February 4th like it was yesterday. The days your children are born are the most special days ever! I still have to pinch myself to remind myself how blessed I truly am. I have three healthy children. I pray constantly that I can raise them up the way the Lord guides me to. I'm still always asking Him why he chose me to be their mommy...I am so not worthy of this huge blessing. But I'm taking this job so seriously and relying on Him to help me! :)

Thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts throughout my pregnancy, bed rest, and delivery and now recovery. I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. We love you all so much!

Stay tuned for more special visitors and more of our hospital stay and homecoming soon! :)


  1. I'm so made it look SO easy! Congrats on the sweet girls!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this great story! Im soooo happy to read it!