Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coming Home!

Friday morning started the discharge process for me and the girls. We were so excited that we would be taking the girls home with us of course! That is something we prayed about a lot! Our docs came around and checked all of us one last time. We were set to go home!

We snapped a picture with our VERY favorite nurse! April was my nurse the day the girls were born and she was the girls nurse on our last day! We were so grateful for all of her love, care and support! She was apart of two very important days for our girls! 

Just hanging out before checking out. 

Olivia in her Honey-made smoked dress!

OCH snuggling with Daddy

All fo us loaded up...headed home! We pulled in our drive way at noon on the dot!

TJH was so excited to see us and his baby sisters!

They were happy to be home! :)

TJH checking them out!

Sweet boy!

The rest of our afternoon was adjusting to home life with three babies! I was so excited to be home and be with TJH...I missed him SO much! 

We had a wonderful hospital stay...and a great homecoming! 

We are so blessed! :)

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