Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend!

Easter weekend was awesome! We spent a lot of time together and that's always my favorite way to spend the weekends! 

We started Saturday with a trip the Farmer's Market...it was opening weekend...we were actually pretty sad because our favorite bakery wasn't there. But we still walked around for a little while. 

Then we headed to eat some breakfast...the kids did so great! :) 

Then we headed to the park for some more fun! 

We headed home so the girls could nap...the weather was so nice so we played outside when got home. The Mr. drew this awesome Thomas for Tucker...he LOVED it!

When the girls woke up they started practicing for the big egg hunt! 

Then we had vistors...Grandma R and Grandpa H came for a visit! And their brought Easter goodies! :) 

We headed to lunch later and then back home to play outside some more! 

We had a doggie Easter egg hunt with M, J, Lilo and Flik! 

The doggies LOVED the egg hunt! 

Before bed we opened the Easter cards from GMama and Pa!

After we got the girls down we dyed eggs with TJH! 

Sunday morning the kids slept in a little...they needed it after all the fun on Saturday. We watched church at home and made banana bread! 

We headed to my Aunt J's house for the big Easter egg hunt and lunch! 

The kiddos did so good hunting! 

My sweet sisters!


Aunt J and TJH! :)

The girls LOVED the hammock! 

So much that EK fell asleep with Aunt Dall!

Boy, this Easter weekend was by far the best! I just love being with my sweet little family! 

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