Thursday, April 2, 2015

Chicks in my Classroom!

UGA is so nice to share some of their eggs and chicks with my classroom! I did this last year too but this year was so much more exciting! We had the chicks from Monday-Wednesday. We teach life cycles in Science and the chicken is in our standard. The kids LOVE this! 

This is their little home in our classroom!

We had 4 eggs and 4 chicks when Mr. M brought them. 

Making their observations. 

This little guy fell asleep in the food!

The other 4 hatched over sad the kids didn't get to see them come out but they did see the eggs cracking and their beaks coming out. 

This little guy was the runt and he was the MOST popular!

One of my girls rubbed this chick until he fell was so sweet! 

We enjoyed having them in our room! 

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