Monday, April 13, 2015

White Wedding_DC Weekend!

Our really good friend S got married this past weekend! We didn't want to miss this event! And we even made it a little trip out of it. The wedding was in Leesburg, VA...not too far away from DC. And I had never been to DC so we flew up Friday morning and spent the day in DC....I loved it! 

The White House! 

Walking towards the Washington Monument 

The Cheery Blossoms were out and beautiful! 

Looking from the Washington Monument towards the Lincoln Memorial 

The really cool World War II monument 

Lincoln Memorial...umm he's HUGE!

Little photo boom by Lincoln!

We did all the big moments and then we made it into two museums...American History and Natural History...both SO cool! 

Hope Diamond

Friday night we went to this super yummy place for dinner...our good friends recommended it...they know the owner very well...he does magic too! 

Michelle Obama's gown! 


We walked 12 miles on Friday! It was SO cool to see everything...I want to go back when we can spend a couple of days to do all the mecums and stuff. 

Saturday was the wedding...we drove into Leesburg and checked into our hotel and got ready for the wedding. 

The ceremony was beautiful! Then we headed to the reception which was SO nice!

Best friends!

Eric with his four! :) 

The weekend was wonderful! We were home by 11 on Sunday! Quick but super fun trip! 

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  1. Such a fun trip! I went to DC when I was little, but I think going now that I'm older would make it a lot more interesting! Looks like a great trip!