Monday, April 6, 2015

Loves from this past week!

I take tons of pictures because I don't ever want to forget the small wonderful moments with my kiddos! And this is the place I put all of those pictures. :) 

Livi's new thing is to make silly faces and get us all laughing! It works every time! 

The kiddos has Spring pictures this past week! I LOVE trying to get all three to smile at 6am! :) We have a blast in the mornings! (Really, we do!)

Sometimes I bathe the girls by themselves and they have a blast! I was like the third wheel watching all their fun! Love it!

A sweet friend of mine from work gave Tucker some shoes her son had outgrown...he LOVES them! 

On Friday I picked the kids up from school and took them through Chick-fil-A for some nuggets and then we headed to see our new lot! They finally cleared it so it will be go time for building! 

Tucker was SO sweet in the car he said he need to pray for his nuggets! :) 

I ran to the store and when I came home the boys were on the kitchen floor looking at the map of Georgia and talking about where our family lives! :) 

Just a few of my favorite moments from this past week! 

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