Saturday, April 4, 2015


I've been searching for something to help me start to eat healthy and exercise more! Since the girls have been in my tummy and born I haven't been good about eating right and exercise. My sister B started the 28 Day Jumpstart and is really enjoying it and already seeing results! So I asked her a lot about it and decided to give it a go! It's clean eating and exercise!

I officially started the work outs last Sunday and really love them! It's 30 minutes of warm ups, circuits(each day focusing on a different part of your body) cardio and stretching! I've stuck to it all week even with being so busy and that used to be an excuse for me. But I've made a point to make time for it. 

I officially started the clean eating part last Wednesday. We prepped breakfast and lunch for three days last Tuesday night. I really love the breakfast and lunch for the first week but have only liked one of the dinners. 

Cold yummy and SO filling! I love breakfast! I used to eat a donut(DON'T JUDGE!) for breakfast and then by 9am I was starving! This has kept me so full! :) 

Lunch is basically a very healthy chicken salad...spinach, chicken, hummus as the dressing and some black beans! 

I did not care for this dinner. Sweet potato tacos...I'm not a fan of sweet potatoes to begin with...but I thought I might like them this way...nope. Also, corn tortillas are super gross. My sister gave me some tips on how to do it a little different next time...we shall see. 

I LOVED this dinner! Pita Pizza! Super yummy! 

What I really love about this is that it's NOT a diet or some crazy's truly a lifestyle! And no, I'm not selling anything. It's teaching me ways to eat super healthy!

After day three I did realize that I do have to snack more than it recommends....I'm more of a grazer. And I'm not trying to lose tons of I'm going to up my snacks because I was becoming super grumpy in the evenings...and that's one of the busiest times of day for me with the kids so I cannot be grumpy!

O, and I cut all drinks expect my coffee in the morning and water! No more Coke for me...that's huge! I've made it a whole week!! WHOOP!

We will shall see how it all goes! 

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