Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our two mermaids turn ONE!

When EK and O were born I already knew what I wanted their 1st birthday party to be like! :) I knew I wanted something nautical since that's our family theme basically. ha! And I knew I wanted it to be fun for all! 

One of the biggest things I knew I wanted was for my girls to have dresses that were similar to the Little Mermaid dresses that my mom made me and my sister when I was 8 years old. 

So the theme became Mermaids! 

Then we had the idea to have it at our local Splash Pad! It would have been absolutely PERFECT if the weather was warmer so we could have actually gone in the Splash Pad but the weather was still wonderful for park fun! 

We rented one of the pavilions and it was great for having all of our family and friends! 
I went with pink, purple and green for the party colors. EK's color is pink and O's is purple...this comes in handy for things like blankets, cups, and such. 

We did pizza(because it's easy and everyone likes it), fish&chips(gold fish and chips), seaweed skewers (grapes), watermelon and cupcakes. 

And I made starfish butter/sugar cookies for the favor. :) 

I knew I wanted to do something with their letter's since we've referred to them as EK&O the whole year. :) Before I painted the letters pink and purple I used the letters in their one year photo shoot too. 

Their monthly pictures together. 

Cupcakes are the easiest way to serve cake. And we made their smash cakes to go along with their colors...even the insides! :) 

Guests started arriving! :) All three kids were too excited to nap...I was a little nervous about this but they all did so good!

EK doesn't go to just anybody...she is usually pretty particular about who can hold her...well she LOVES Aunt H! :) She let her hold her for a long time! 

I could eat this sweet B up! Such a sweet and SMART girl!

EK being a little dramatic with her pouty lip! 

Loved how our family picture turned out...and I am SO blessed to call these people my family! 

GMama and Pa!

Hammar family...we missed both Uncle B's for sure! 

H family...B was on her way so she didn't make the picture.

Deep convos 

This sweet girl didn't want to be put down, but that's okay :)

Sweet sorority sisters! Love that we all have/going to have babies!

Sweet school friend J...she was borrowing a twin of C's! ;)

My girl C!

Aunt J and T

Swinging with one of my girls!

T was so excited his cousin A was at the party! They had a blast! 

Owie or Tuck? :) 

Looks like her Daddy for sure! :)

M and her sweet daddy W!

Best Friends

FOUR...almost 10!

Great shot of the dresses...they turned out way better than I even imagined! 

Aunt B with EK...she loves her Aunt B! :) This woman is awesome...us twin mamas gotta stick together! :) 

Mama B and the girls! 

This boy had a blast!! :) 

T didn't want to smile, but we sure do love this girl...she is one of the biggest reasons we survived our first year of being parents to 3 under 2!! :) 

Aunt A and A!

Owie was happy to that Aunt B was feeding her pizza! :) 

Sisters and M! Love how EK is looking up at M!

Sweet friends eating

Love love this woman!!

So, it was a crisp 68 degrees and pretty windy...so my father-in-law went to Wal-Mart and got us jackets! ;) 

sweet school friends with their boys!

My better half!

Cake time! We sang Happy Birthday to each girl! :) EK was first because she is ONE minute older. ha!

TJH checking it out!

The both LOVED their cake! :) 

Best neighbors/friends ever!

FOUR with all the kiddos expect TJH...he was ready for the Splash Pad and didn't want a picture.

I feel like the party was perfect! We were so happy to have all of our family and friends there to celebrate the girls turning ONE! 

I still can't believe they are ONE! I need time to slow down! 

We are so thankful for all our family and friends who helped/supported/loved/and prayed for us in the past year! 

We love you EK&O and are so happy you two are ONE!

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