Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Birthday EK&O!

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

You are ONE years old! Where has this year gone? You two have filled the past year with so much joy and laughter! (And a few tears!) 

We had NO idea how much fun having TWIN GIRLS would be until September 9, 2013! From the moment we met you two you both have filled our hearts with SO much love! 

You two are very different but are that's what makes you two so special. We learned quickly that you two like different things and act different ways but you both have so much love for each other and your family it's crazy!

We can't imagine life without you two girls at all. You have completed our family with love, sass, laughter, bows, squeals, pearls and tons and tons of kisses! Happy Birthday EK&O! 

Dear Emma Kate,
Sass is the best way to describe you...the good kind of sass. You are SO smart and know EXACTLY what you want! From your colic days to now you have gotten us every time with your little closed-mouth smile. 

You make us laugh all the time and you laugh at your brother and sister daily. You are the BIGGEST pet lover of all three kids. You always know where Ethel is and you love playing with her. You love Lucy but she doesn't really hang around long enough to play with you. You also love our neighbors dogs too! 

You enjoy playing alone and figuring toys out. We think you might be a little engineer like your Uncle B. :) You do love to sit and listen to books and then you like to "read" them back to us. 

You enjoy almost all foods! You aren't picky and you aren't afraid to try new things...like just last night you tried tomatoes and LOVED them! 

You are a Daddy's girl for sure! You call for him as soon as you hear the garage open and you say his name until he picks you up! You always get what you want from him because you just smile and say Dada to him! :)

Emma Kate, don't even think for one second that we love you any less for the heartache you caused us the first three months of your life. That just add lots of character and memories to your story. :) You are a wonderful little girl and we are so thankful that you are so happy and healthy now! We know God placed you in our family to make us complete. You are the most precious middle child ever! You fit in between your brother and sister perfectly! We all love you so very much! Happy 1st Birthday Emma Kate! 

Dear Olivia Cay,
Sweetness is the best way to describe you. You are the most gentle-hearted girl I've ever met. You love to cuddle and show love through hugs and kisses constantly. You are the more sensitive child and we love that about you...things upset you a little more often then your brother and sister. 

You love to laugh at your sister and brother. And you have the cutest belly laugh ever! 

You are SOO adventurous and really don't have any fear...you get this from your Daddy! You already have a set of stitches before your first birthday! You love to climb and explore. 

You enjoy reading books and playing with blocks. You also LOVE to dance and will dance any time you hear music....even Mommy's bad singing! 

You are more particular about food...textures seems to set you off from foods. But you do have some favorites...spaghetti, watermelon, and chicken! :) 

You are a mama's girl for sure and want to be in my arms constantly. :) 

Olivia, you play the part of the baby so well...SO sweet, so forgiving and so spoiled. :) You are the sweetest and we are so thankful that God gave us to you to complete our family. We love all the adventures you've already taken us on with all your falls and boo-boos! We love you so very much! Happy 1st Birthday Olivia Cay!!

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