Monday, September 1, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 51

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

This week was filled with fun and sickness...:( Just head colds for you two girls. Cee was so patient and good with you two even though you weren't feeling well. She gave you two lots of extra cuddles. 

Owie, you didn't want to sleep at the beginning of the week. But your stitches did great and your cut is so much better!

Spaghetti is still a huge hit with you two sweet girls!

You two are so adventurous with your big brother. :) He helps you get whatever you want!

Daddy was able to come home early a couple of days this week and so you girls got a bath without TJH. 

O, you do better with bath with just EK. TJH and EK LOVE to splash and you don't care for it. So when it' just the two of you, you will play longer. :)

Friday we headed to the park after school to kick off the long weekend! 
Then we met Daddy at Chick-fil-A for dinner! You girls LOVE eating your grilled nuggets and fruit!

All of the fun wore you out Miss EK! :) And before you fell asleep you pulled your bow! 

You girls really enjoy playing's really sweet when I can catch it on camera too. You girls like to play chase, blocks and play in your cupcake kitchen together. You also LOVE to play with balls together. 

Saturday we headed to the Farmers's Market and cheered on the Dawgs! You girls were in bed not long after the game started but we still dressed you in red and black!


And then on Sunday we made a very random/unplanned trip to G and Pa's house!!! So fun!

You two loved playing with Cousin A and TJH! 

And the dog crate was a hit like always at G and Pa's! :)
What a wonderful week expect the sickness...but by the end of the week you two were feeling a bit better! 

We love you so very much and love how much joy you bring in our lives!

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